In January ,2006,Nanjing Xuzhu Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd.(hereafter referred to as Xuzhu Medical)was established and operated by managers and engineers from international company.

  In 2007,Xuzhu Medical started to set up agencies in main cities in china.

  At the end of 2008,Xuzhu Medical passed the approval examination to become the ESP of Simens,provided three years maintenance service for customers in Eastern China region.In the same year ,Xuzhu Medical made implementation of ISO9001 Quality Management System to control the qualitu of service.

  In 2009,Xuzhu Medical started to attend RSNA and CIRSE,and sighed long-term supply agreement with the United States and several parts suppliers in Europe countries.

  In 2010,Nanjing Gilgal Medical Equipment Services Co.,Ltd. Was established,which purchased an independent factory and as the repairing and maintaining backyard.

  In 2011,Gilgal employed senior managers from international companies to operate with standard management.

  Since 2012,Gilgal began to make cooperation with colleges and universities around the country ,set up image profession training base,and provided professional and technical training services for the hospital .

  In 2014,the number of the customers reached to 200 in the whole country.

  In 2015, Sichuan Gilgal Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. Was established.

  The Xuzhu Medical has devoted itself in the field of medical radiology equipment maintaining for almost ten years,leads Gilgal to gradually establish and improve the quality management system,engineering research and development team,spare parts repairing team,field service engineer team,advanced consultant maintenance team.as well as sale team around the country ,which also meets with opportunities and challenges with an open mind .